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Ever felt like a stranger in your own life? Artist Samantha Paige, the creator of Last Cut, did for far too long. It wasn't until she began deep, vulnerable self-inquiry and actively listened to the answers that her life began to change. A young adult cancer survivor and BRCA previvor, who suffered from PTSD and debilitating panic attacks, she finally started making the significant decisions, or last cuts, that made her feel as if her life were her own again. With this new way of being, she began to experience more wellness, happiness and freedom than ever before. Last cut conversations is a series of real talk with others about what they believe in most and how they too have created a life that feels like their own. Freedom, as a word and concept, is still very much on the table for so many and the question of what it means to each of us is the theme of Season 2. This season features engaging dialogue with artists, activists, nature lovers, survivors, change makers and other brave and bold human beings, sharing the ways we each create a life that feels like our own (what we move towards and what we let go of in the process) and the (inner/outer) freedom found along the way. Every Monday, Samantha will share a new episode with an inspirational guest, bravely sharing their last cut stories.
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Feb 2, 2017

What is most true to you? How are you living it?

“Honesty is what drives me, but in order to be honest you have to understand who you are. You have to go through experiences to build who you are, but you also have to look at yourself and reflect because honesty is the only way to receive love.” ~Vanessa Cuccia, Founder of Chakrubs

Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs, speaks about her movement towards self-love, healing and pleasure in this Last Cut Conversation. Meeting last summer on Samantha Paige’s birthday, Vanessa opened her Chakrubs’ office and heart, telling the story of her personal discovery of self and pleasure. She has shared the literal and figurative tools crucial to her own evolution through the creation of Chakrubs, the original 100% crystal sex toy company. Samantha connected with Vanessa through her exquisite and artfully presented Instagram account for Chakrubs. Everything that Vanessa has her hands in is beautifully powerful. For more information on Vanessa Cuccia and Chakrubs, please visit or @chakrubs on Instagram.


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